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Our Profile PT. Digital Akurasi was established in 1988 as Balance and Scale sup ... Read more...
Moisture Analyzer Shimadzu MOC63U | Shimadzu Moisture Analyzer
Moisture Analyzer Shimadzu MOC63U | Shimadzu Moisture Analyzer MOC63U Moisture Analyzer The MOC63u electronic moisture analyzer ... Read more...
Shimadzu Printer EP110 |Printer Shimadzu EP-110
Shimadzu Printer EP110 |Printer Shimadzu EP-110 Useful with a variety of Shimadzu electronic balances Easily connect ... Read more...
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Our Office Head Office : Sentraniaga Puri Indah T5 No. 18, Jl. Puri Agung, ... Read more...
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Timbangan Retail | POS Touchsc…

Timbangan Retail | POS Touchscreen Scale | Self Service Scale

POS Touch Screen Scale - Seft Service Scale Features . .     ... Read more

Timbangan Lantai UWE 1705 | …

Timbangan  Lantai  UWE 1705 | UWE Floor Scales | UWE Floor Scale 1705

    UWE 1705 Floor Scale with a flourescent display,  all metal construction. High resolution... Read more

Waterproof Scale UWE QM Serie…

Waterproof  Scale UWE QM Series | UWE Waterproof Scale

Digital protable waterproof scale  QM series. Two side LCD display, capacity 1500 g to 15 kg with... Read more

Timbangan Portable UWE JW Seri…

Timbangan Portable UWE JW Series | Portable Balance UWE JW

  High resolution portable balance  JW Series, large LCD display with backlight. 13 user programm... Read more

Timbangan Digital UWE HGM2000/…

Timbangan Digital UWE HGM2000/HGM4000/HGM10K/HGM20K

High resolution top loading counting scale HGM series.   Four models of HGM : HGM-2000, HGM-4000, ... Read more

Timbangan Buah I Timbangan Har…

Timbangan Buah I Timbangan Harga I Timbangan Retail| Timbangan Label

  Price Computing Scales with integral Barcode Label Printing pole display YPS Series. Capacity 6... Read more

Hopper Scale | Tank Scale | T…

Hopper  Scale | Tank Scale | Timbangan Silo | Silo Scales

Hopper - Tank Scales with indicator 1705,  capacity 300 kg to 20000 kg . Interface RS 232 , optio... Read more

Timbangan Lantai W22 | Floor S…

Timbangan Lantai W22 | Floor Scales W22 | Floor Scale UWE W22

    Features All Stainless steel housing. Washdown Construction: Designed ... Read more

| Weighbridge | Truck Scales …

| Weighbridge  | Truck Scales  | Truck Scale | Weighbridges

      These heavy-duty  Truck scales - Weighbridges are  designed to get weighing fast.   Modul... Read more

Lift Drum Scale

Lift Drum Scale

  Features ... Read more

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Hardness Tester Sauter HK-D | …

Hardness Tester Sauter HK-D | Leeb Hardness Tester | Hardness Tester

Mobile Leeb hardness tester SAUTER HK-D · HK-DB   Premium Durometer for hardness testing – now a... Read more

Timbangan Digital DS Series

Timbangan Digital  DS Series

High precision platform balance     Features Display detachable from base unit ... Read more

Timbangan Analitik Kern ABT Se…

Timbangan Analitik Kern ABT Series| Neraca Analitik Kern ABT220-4NM

  ABT series represent standard level of Analytical Balances with a modern glass draft wind shiel... Read more

440 Series Simple Precision Ba…

440 Series Simple Precision Balance

The economical solution for the smart shopper. Bestseller in Basic Laboratory Balances. This is t... Read more

Timbangan Bayi MBB | Baby Scal…

Timbangan Bayi MBB | Baby Scale | Baby Scales

KERN  Baby Scale  MBB-M. Approved as  a medical device  according to 93 / 42 / EEC.  Verified acc... Read more

Force Gauges | Force Gauge | F…

Force Gauges | Force Gauge | Force Gsuge SAUTER FL Series

  Digital force gauge SAUTER FL Series  , premium force measuring instrument with graphic-assiste... Read more

Analytical Balance Kern ABS/AB…

Analytical Balance Kern ABS/ABJ  | Analytical Balances | Neraca Analitik Kern ABS

High performance Analytical Balance ABJ Series with graphic display and auto calibration. Set for ... Read more

Precision Balance Kern EW 620-…

Precision Balance Kern EW 620-3NM | Kern Precision Balance

  The classic balances with robust tuning fork measuring system. guarantees high degree of accura... Read more

Moisture Analyzer Kern DAB100-…

Moisture Analyzer Kern DAB100-3 | Moisture Analyzers | Moisture Analyzer

Moisture Analyzer DAB 100-3 is laboratory measuring instrument  designed to determine water conte... Read more

Anak Batu Timbangan | Batu Tim…

Anak Batu Timbangan | Batu Timbangan | Test Weights | Standard Weights

KERN - Germany Set of Weight  303 - 06,  Class E1, Size  : 1mg ~1kg , Material St... Read more

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Data Logger OPUS 20 THI | Temp…

Data Logger OPUS 20 THI | Temperature Humidity Pressure

With up to 10 external channels/sensors per Opus20. The Opus20 offers the highest fl exibility and... Read more

Vibration Meter | Vibrometer

Vibration Meter | Vibrometer

BALTECH VP-3410 - Germany is a portable vibration measurement device (vibration tester). The vibra... Read more

Velocity Meter | Portable Anem…

Velocity Meter | Portable Anemometer  C-400 , Resolution 0.01 m/s

High Precision Digital Anemometer Lufft C 400 - Germany for air flow measurement  in ventilation d... Read more

TP 10 Infrared Thermometer | T…

TP 10 Infrared Thermometer | Thermometer Infrared

      Infrared thermometer  Ditech C355 Human Body mode : 32.0°C ~ 43.0°C Surface temperatur... Read more

Manometer | Barometer | Pressu…

Manometer | Barometer | Pressure Meter C300 Series

Lufft - Germany  Portable Absolute Air Pressure and Differential Air Pressure Meter C300 series - ... Read more

C 200 Thermohygrometer| Hygrom…

C 200 Thermohygrometer| Hygrometer | Thermometer | Humidity Meter

Portable Digital High Precison Thermo-Hygrometer  Lufft C200 - Germany with fixed and separate sen... Read more

Particle Counter PC 200 | Part…

Particle Counter PC 200 | Particle Counter

PC 200 Laser Particle Counter  - Germany is a  portable environmental measuring device for testing... Read more

Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal Imaging Camera

The Thermal Imaging Camera Trotec IC Series - Germany highly developed sensor system constantly de... Read more

Weather Station WS 600 UMB

Weather Station WS 600 UMB

UMB Technology The UMB system is a new technology for recording environmental data. Whether in th... Read more

Coating Thickness Gauge DFT| C…

Coating Thickness Gauge DFT| Coating Thickness Gage | Coating Thickness Gauges DFT

The PosiTest DFT Coating Thickness Gage measures coatings on ALL metal... Read more

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ICP Spectrometry | Inductive C…

ICP Spectrometry | Inductive Coupled Plasma Spectrometer

The ICP 5000 is a Fully Automated, Fast Simultaneous system with CCD Detector(Charged Coupled Devi... Read more

Dissolution Tester| Disintegra…

Dissolution Tester| Disintegration Tester

  Features The system features advanced, user-friendly Micro-Processor Control, wh... Read more

FTIR | FTIR Spectroscopy

FTIR |  FTIR Spectroscopy

  The FTIR 7800 spectrophotometer simultaneously collects high resolution optical data with a wid... Read more

Titrator - Automatic Titratio…

Titrator  - Automatic Titration System

  Features Advanced user-friendly Micro-Processor Controller, state-of-the-art des... Read more

Light Meter | UV Light Meter …

Light Meter |  UV Light Meter | Lux Meter MW700 PRO |

Lux Meter  MW700 PRO Portable Digital Lux Meter MW 700 PRO designed to perform  light measurments... Read more

Refractometer | Brix Meter | …

Refractometer | Brix Meter  | Salt Meter  | Wine Refractometer

MA 871 Refractometer The MA 871 digital refractometer for brix is an optical instrument that empl... Read more

Turbiditimeter | Turbidity Me…

Turbiditimeter |  Turbidity Meter Milwaukee Mi-415 |Milwaukee Turbidity Meter

  Turbidity Meter Mi-415 PRO Digital Portable Turbidity Meter Mi-415 PRO refers to the concentra... Read more

Ammonia Meter MW405| Phosphate…

Ammonia Meter MW405| Phosphate Meter MW412 | Iron Meter  MW408

Portable Ammonia Meter MW-405 PRO These user-friendly Colorimeters will give you direct readings ... Read more

Chlorine Meter MI-413 PRO | Ch…

Chlorine Meter MI-413 PRO | Chloride Photometer Mi-414 PRO | Iodine Meter MW13

Chlorine Meter MI-413 PRO     This latest laboratory grade Microprocessor photometer has an exc... Read more

Portable pH/EC/TDS/Temp. Mete…

Portable  pH/EC/TDS/Temp. Meter MW805  | MW806 MAX | MW801 MAX | MW802 MAX

4-in-1 pH/EC/TDS/Temp with one single probe Milwaukee MW805  4in1 pH/E... Read more

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