Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge FRP | TIME 2190 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge FRP

TIME 2190 High -End Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge with A/B scan


-Ascan waveform can be displayed for echo analysis and measurement of complex workpiece;
-Compatible many types of transducers, both single, dual element transducers;
-Users can set blanks to shield aftershocks or clutter;
-Echo echo measures the true metal thickness ignoring thickness of coating layer.
-Thru-coat technology measures metal and nonmetallic coating thickness.
-Signal auto-amplification function (centered display of the detected echo);
-Adjustable voltage variable pulse width square wave pulse generator; Single value B-scan display function;
-Users can turn on fast measurement mode up to 20 times per second;
-Alarm function allows users to set the upper and lower limits of the alarm;
-Differential, maximum and minimum display mode;
-Store up to 500,000 measured values and waveforms.


*500C steam pipe  *500C Tank  *Grey cast iron Material   *Thinning of stamping parts  *Stainless Steel  *Oil and Gas Thickness rubber tires  *Steel/Stainless steel composite pipe  *Paint Thickness Test pf RFP pipe inner wall  *FRP sulfuric acid tanks



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