Dietary Fiber Extration | Dietary Fiber Extractor

The CSF 6 filtration unit carries out the final filtration and washing phase foreseen by the enzymatic method for dietary fiber determination. The CSF 6 used in combination with the GDE is suitable for the determination of total dietary fiber and reduces the time required compared to manual procedures considerably. The glass funnels facilitate the introduction of the digested sample and solvents into the instrument. The filtering and final washing stages are speeded-up thanks to the vacuum function. Temperature: up to 550 °C

Construction material: epoxy painted metal structure
Peristaltic pump high suction capacity
Temperature up to 550°C
Positions: 6
Residues collecting separate
Counter pressure electronic setting
Filtration time shortening
Dimension (WxHxD): 715x115x220 mm (28.1x4.5x8.7 in)
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