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Turbidity is one of the most measured parameters in water analysis testing. The Turbidity value is very important for different determinations, such as drinking water applications. disinfection processes, and insdustrial processes for water treatment.

The TB1 portable turbiditimeter allows to measure, in a simple and precise way, the turbidity of aqueous samples. The measurement is supplied in Nephelometric Turbidity Units (NTU). The compact design allows easy, on-site handling and is highly resistant  wear and tear.

High quality, easy to use, and totally waterproof-------- these are the features that make TB1 turbidity unique and of keen interest  to operators working in the water analysis field.


Measurement range 0 - 1000 NTU

+/- 2% in the range 0 - 500 NTU

+/- 3% in the range 501 - 1000 NTU

Calibtation standard 0, 02, 100, 800 NTU
Reproducibility +/- 0.01 NTU or +/- 1% of the reading, better on gel samples.
Protection rating CEI EN 60529: IP 67
Light sorue IR emitting diodes (wavelenght 850 nm)
Measurement method ISO 7027 nephelometric method (90 deg)
Weight: 0.2 Kg (0.4lb)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 68 x 50 x 155 mm
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