Open Circulating Bath OCB


The Open Circulating Bath is widely used instrument, suitable for different applications and kinds of samples treatment.  VELP OCB can reach temperature 105°C with 1°C steps, and can be combined with different operating accessories in order to satisfy any requirements and ensure reliable results.

VELP supplies two polycarbonate tanks, one with 5-liter capacity and one bigger up to 7-liter. The OCB provides ideal solution to achieve accurate and highly effective water bath. The tanks are made of polycarbonate and are completely transparent for a contant visual control.

The maximum capacity of the 5-liter bath tank is 2 racks, whilst the 7-liter version can accommodate up to 3 racks simultaneously. Rack structure is in Polycarbonate. Three version of racks  : a 7-position rack for ø 29 mm tubes, a 20-position rack for ø 17 mm tubes and a 36-position rack for Eppendof tubes ø 11 mm.

Temperature range                          Room temp. - 105°C
Temperature precision                                   +/- 1°C
Time                        00:00 - 24:59 (hh:mm)
Bath tank                               Polycarbonate
Model 5-liter Bath Tank                              7-liter Bath Tank
Power Supply:                   115 V or 230 V / 50-60 Hz
Weight: 1.7 kg                                                 2.0 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D): 134x163x421mm                            134x163x521mm
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