Timbangan Analitik / Analytical Balance AUY - WindowsDirect

AUY Series are the newest single-range analytical balances engineered with the UniBloc technology. This provides fast response and superb stability in a 0.1mg analytical balance.

WindowsDirect function, ,the balance communicates directly to a PC with Windows® applications. No additional software is needed to interface with spreadsheets, databases, word processing, and laboratory software. WindowsDirect works with Windows® 95, 98, 2000, NT4.0, ME and XP. PC must be IBM PC/AT compatible.

Excellent Weighing Performance, Compact UniBloc mechanism and digital processing technology produce fast response and stability at the same time.

Environmental adjustment, microprocessor digital control can be set to automatically provide the most suitable data processing for the installation environment and weighing application.

Specific Gravity Measurement, Specific Gravity software is already installed in the AUY Series and is ready for measuring specific gravity or density.

Pan size (mm)
Calibration modes
Windows Direct
AUY220 220g 0.1mg Ø 80 - Touch-key with external weight Yes
AUY120 120g 0.1mg Ø 80 - Touch-key with external weight Yes
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