UDK 139 Kjeldahl Distillation Unit|Velp UDK 139 | Velp UDK 129


The UDK 139 Semi-Automatic Kjeldahl Distillation Unit is the ideal solution for performing analyses concerning different applications such as determining ammoniacal nitrogen, protein nitrogen, (Kjeldahl or direct alkaline distillation), nitric nitrogen (after reduction), phenols, volatile fatty acid, cyanides, alcohol content and Devarda nitrogen determination.

4 models series for performing efficient and reliable steam distillations, according to the different needs of the users. All the units support the most advanced technology, designed with a strong and chemical resistant structure made of techpolymer.

Model UDK 129                 UDK 139                    UDK 149                    UDK 159
Analysis time

5 min(100ml)         4 min(100ml)              3 min(100ml)            4 min(titration)

Recovery >99.5%                    >99.5%                      >99.5%                      >99.5%
Detection unit > 0.1 mg N
Display LCD                                     3.5" color touch screen           6" color touchscreen
Program 1                               10                               20                               54
Auto NaOH addition •                             
Auto H2O addition •                                  
Auto H3BO3 addition

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