Hot plate Magnetic Stirrer AM 4

AM4 Heating Magnetic Stirrer with 4 separately controlled positions. The heating plates are made of aluminium alloy, coated with a special black protection that ensures even heat distribution over the entire surface with excellent resistance to chemical agents.

Also available  :  ARE, AREX, ARED, T.ARE, AREC, AREC.X, HSC, AREC.T

Construction material: epoxy painted metal structure
Heating plate: aluminium alloy coated with a special black protection
Heating plate diameter: 155 mm
Stirring positions: 4
Stiring speed up to 1200 rpm
Stirring volume up to 20 L
Power 2550 W
Dimension (WxHxD): 715x115x220 mm (28.1x4.5x8.7 in)
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