Solvent Extractor SER 148 | Solvent Extraction | Fat Analyzer | Fat Determination

Solvent Extraction is used to determine the quantity of various components contained  in agriculture, industrial or environmental  samples. Soxhlet extractor is one of the most widely used in analytical techniques. Adaptations of the technique have been introduced over time in order to reduce lengthy extraction times, for example by increasing the temperature of the solvent used.

SER 148 series provides safe and fast solvent extraction in food, feed, agricultural, indsutrial and environmental samples, covering a wide range of applications.

The SER 148/3 and SER 148/6 can be used to separate a substance or a group of elements (e.q fat) from solid or semi- solid samples according to the Randall technique (consisting of immersion, washing and solvent recovery ). This technique has three great benefits over the traditional Soxhlet technique : -up to 5 times faster than Sochlet, -low solvent consumtion, - limited cost per analysis.

SER 148 offers full operator safety in compliance with IP 55.

Model SER 148/3                                                 SER 148/6

Number of  samples

3                                                                   6
Max. volume extraction cup 150 ml
Display Working temperature / settable parameters
Working temperature From 100°C to 250°C
Immersion  time From 0 to 999 minutes
Working time

From 0 to 999 minutes

Recovery time                                                 From 0 to 999 minutes

Sample quantity                                              From 0.5 g to 15 g

Solvent recovery                                             From 50% to 75%

Reproducibility                                                < 1%

Interface                                                           RS 232

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