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The FTC-90I and FOC-225I are extremely efficient incubators with a transparent internal door for visual examination of the content. The internal chamber is condensation-free and boast excellent temperature stability. Incubators can be used to keep any sample at a constant, precisely regulated temperature.

Continuous ventilation and the Auto-Tuning thermoregulation system ensure temperature uniformity throughout the chamber. The temperature can be set from 3 to 50 C, the reading on the display refers to the real internal temperature.

The FOC-225I is equipped with two internal sockets controlled by an external switch, The FTC-90I has one internal socket.

FTC-90I and FOC-225I can be connected to a PC by using the serial port RS232 in order to use dedicated software IncubationSoft TM.


Model FTC 120         FOC 120E        FOC 120I         FOC215E         FOC 215I
Total valume L 120                 120                     120                    215                   215
Temperature setting
20°C               3°C - 50°C
Temp stability & homogeneity ± 0.5°C
Elect. thermoregulation sys Traditional     Auto-tuning
Numer of shelves supplied 2                      2                          2                      4                       4
Max. no of shelves 2                      2                          2                      6                       6

Dimension (WxHxD) mm 540x912x550                         540x1263x550


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