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Wireless high heat Crane Scale

Temperature 1600°C , distance 2.2m


Light Weight Heavy Duty Portable Crane Scale
Safety / Ultimate Overload: 150% / 300% of Rated Capacity
Dual Power: Rechargeable Power Pack or Power Adaptor
Power Pack Operating Time: 120 Hours Plus
Power Pack can be Recharged through Scale or Directly by Power Adaptor
Power ON Zero Tracking, Power Saving, Full Tare Range, Auto Calibration and User Programmable Hold Function
Low Battery Indicator and Charging Status Indicator
Wide Angle LCD Display
Built-in printer.
Model                                   Capacity                                      Readability
CSWH-60K                                60 kg                                             0.02 kg
CSWH-150K                             150 kg                                            0.05 kg
CSWH-300K                             300 kg                                             0.1 kg
CSWH-600K                             600 kg                                             0.2 kg
CSWH-1000K                         1000 kg                                            0.2 kg
CSWH-2000K                         2000 kg                                            0.5 kg
CSWH-3000K                         3000 kg                                            0.5 kg
CSWH-5000K                         5000 kg                                            1 kg

Available capacity up to 50 ton

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