Crane Scale - Wireless



Digital  Heavy duty Wireless crane scale  WCS Series. Built-in micro printer for printout weighing result, capacity 1000 kg to 30.000 kg with readability 0.5 kg to 10 kg.

According to OIML  Class III.
Steel construction scale body, high tension shackle and hook.
LCD display with backlight
Safe overload 125% of full scale
Ultimate load 400% of full scale
Full tare range, Auto calibration, Auto hold function,
Weighing data safe protection in case of power failure.
2000 weighing data records, records can be sorted, searched and printout.
Model                                    Capacity                                   Readability
WCS-1T                                   1000 kg                                         0.5 kg
WCS-2T                                   2000 kg                                         1 kg
WCS-3T                                   3000 kg                                         1 kg
WCS-5T                                   5000 kg                                         2 kg
WCS-10T                                 10000 kg                                      5 kg
WCS-20T                                 20000 kg                                      10 kg
WCS-30T                                 30000 kg                                      10 kg
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