Timbangan Portable UWE JW Series | Portable Balance UWE JW


High resolution portable balance  JW Series, large LCD display with backlight. 13 user programmable weighing unit : Metric, Metric Carat, Pound, Ounce, Gram, Grain, Troy Ounce, Pennyweight, Momme, Tael, etc.

Long battery operation time approx 100 hours plus  and low power battery signal. Equipped with easy assemble wind shiled, adjustable feet, buble level and protection cover.

Providing digital mechanism, full tare range, AC/DC poer adaptor , RS 232.

1/50000 display resolution.
24 bit ?-? high speed A/D converter with over 1.000.000 internal count.
Ideal for laboratory and jewelry shops.
6 x 19mm + 3 x 10mm bold type wide angle LCD display digits.
13 user programmable weihing units
User friendly operation.
Equipped with initial zero tracking, manual zero setting, percentage weighing, counting
function, smart power saving and auto calibration.
Dual power source : built-in rechargeable battery or power adaptor.
Model                            Capacity                       Readability                          Pan size
JW-250                              250 g                               0.005 g                               Ø 110 mm
JW-500                              500 g                                 0.01 g                                Ø 110 mm
JW-1000                         1000 g                                 0.02 g                         140 x 170 mm
JW-2500                         2500 g                                 0.05 g                         140 x 170 mm
HJW-300                           300 g                               0.005 g                                Ø 110 mm
HJW-600                           600 g                                 0.01 g                                Ø 110 mm
HJW-1200                      1200 g                                  0.02 g                        140 x 170 mm
HJW-3000                      3000 g                                  0.05 g                        140 x 170 mm



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