Titrator - Automatic Titration System


Advanced user-friendly Micro-Processor Controller, state-of-the-art design with alphanumeric splash-proof soft keyboard and interactive software in dialogue mode for ease of operation with protection against invalid entries.
Vortex stirrer for vigorous and homogenous stirring, with specially designed glass propeller for chemical inertness.
A quickly interchangeable calibrated burette with intelligent recognition for its volume size. Burette factor for dispensing corrections, also available for true end point calculations.
Temperature Sensor with 4-line measurement technique ensures correct temperature indication.
Composite Differential Electrode Amplifier unit for Potentiometric and Voltametric/Karl Fischer Titrations, with connectivity to various electrodes.
During titration, measured variables or the pH value is shown on the display together with dispensed volume and number of EP’s detected.
User selectable End Point (EP) evaluation up to 9 EP’s during the run, and calculation by first, last, largest, all or selected EP’s with display of results and printout.
Reprocessing of threshold and recalculation of EP without performing the new run.
Alphanumeric entry of sample name, titrant name, identification number, date with type of electrode used for authentication.
Daily auto incremented run number and factory entered customer name and instrument Serial Number shown on report printouts, making the system Fully GLP Complaint.
Dispenser facility for fixed volume dosing or dilution, allowing manual titration with user defined dose and mV indication.
Pre-dispense facility with selectable dose and time, for quick titrant without disturbing the titration trend.


Principle Volume determination by equivalent point, end point or pH STAT
Control Micro-Processor based
mV Range =/- 3200mV
Accuracy +/- 0.1mV (+/- 0.0016pH)
Amplifier Input Impedance >1012 Ohms
Burette Resolution 1/5000 for 5ml, 1/10000 for 10ml, 1/50000 for 25ml
Filing Time ? <20S
Keyboard Alphanumeric splash-proof polyester soft keys.
Titration Head Manual Stand with swivelling arm
Stirrer System Microcontroller based variable speed, high torque vortex stirrer with digital indicator. (Magnetic Stirrer Optional)
Sensors · Electrodes for Potentiometric titration (pH, Ion, Redox, Argentometric) · Any Combination Electrode · Differential Electrode System comprising sensing (indicator) Electrode with various adaptors such as BNC connector, and Reference Electrode with 4mm Connector · Electrode for Karl Fischer with BNC/TNC Connectors · Temperature Sensor.
Calibration 3-point Calibration with entered buffer values and standardisation with pH 7 Buffer
End Point Detection · Potentiometric · Voltametric · Thermometric & Photometric
Cut-off Criteria · Volume · End Point · mV/pH
Analysis Methods · Titrations · Acid -Base · Non-aqueous · Redox · Precipitation · Complexometric · Back Titration · Karl Fischer
Results & Concentration Units · Molarity · % Assay (wt) · % Volume (ml) · ppm, mg/l, mg/g, g/l, meq/l, mol/kg, TAN and TBN for Oil Sample
Method Storage 50 methods with Parameters
Titrant Molarity Storage 20 Values
Report Format · Method Parameters · Titration Analysis Report · Titration Analysis Condensed Report · Titration Data Table · Titration Graphic Report · Micro Litre v mV · Micro Litre v First and/or Second Derivative · Micro Litre v Time · Auto Evaluation Report · Statistics Report · End Point Titration Report · Calibration Report
?Input/Output peripheral Interface ?· Parallel Port for Printer · Serial Ports for Balance, Auto-Sampler and PC ?
Power ??110V/ 230V 50Hz/60Hz ?
Environmental Conditions for Operation · Laboratory Use · Temperature Ambient to 45°C · Humidity 5 - 90% Non Condensing
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