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The FTIR 7800 spectrophotometer simultaneously collects high resolution optical data with a wide spectral range of The spectrophotometer has a small footprint with intelegent multi-sealed moisture and dust proof Cube Corner Michelson interferometer optical system. Multiple comunication with the FTIR 7800 is available including Ethernet andWIFI. A powerful CFR 21 part 11 software workstation offers a modular platform design with multiple specialised Libraries and real time instrument status 7800cm¯¹ - 350cm¯¹

Main Features :
HIgh Sensitivity Optical System, Intelligent Multi-Sealed optical design
High intensity IR scource, Integrated Detector, Integrated Detector
Precision Electronic system, Multiple communication Options
Real-Time Instrument Status, Universal Sample Compartment
Laser - Source - Interferometer -  Electronic -  Detector
Technical Specifications :
Interferometer :  Cube-corner Michelson interferometer
Beam :  splitter Multilayer Ge coated KBr
Detector :  Room temperature DLATGS module (standard)
IR Source :  High intensity, long lifetime, air-cooled IR source
Wavenumber Range :  7800cm-1 to 350cm-1
Resolution :  0.85 cm-1
Signal to noise ratio  :  Better than 20,000:1
Wavenumber Accuracy :  ±0.01 cm-1
Scanning Speed :  Microprocessor control, different scanning, speed selectable
Software Main FT-Win software suite workstation, compatible to all version windows
Communication :  Ethernet interface (standard) WiFi wireless communication (optional)
Data Output :  Standard data format, report generation and output
Status Diagnosis :  Power on self-check, real-time temperature, humidity and reminders
Certification :  FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, IQ/OQ/PQ (available as an accessary)
Environment Conditions : Temperature: 10°C-30°C Humidity: Less than 70%
Power Supply :  220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz 110v 50Hz±1Hz (optional)
Accessories :  Transmition sample holder (standard)
Dimensions :  52 x 43.5 x 25.5cm
Weight :  24kg

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