ICP | Inductive Coupled Plasma

The ICP 5000 is a Fully Automated, Fast Simultaneous system with CCD Detector
(Charged Coupled Device). The Purged Spectrometer, with a 0.4m Focal Length, offers a wavelength range of 165-900nm. An Echelle Grating provides the FULL Spectrum in a compact area. The system is fitted with a solid state 40.68Mhz RF Generator offering selectable power from 800 to 1600 Watts.

Due to the versatility and high performance, the instrument can be used in almost any laboratory for a wide range of applications such as: Agricultural, Food, Geological, Clinical, Metal, Petrochemical, Environmental, Mining, Pharmaceutical

Optical System

Grating : Echelle Grating 50grooves/mm
Prism : Cross Dispersion Device
Focal Length : 400mm
Temperature Control : 38?C +/-0.1?C
Detector : CCD (Charged Coupled Device)
Pixel Size : 24?m x 24?m
Detector Pixels : 1024 x 1024 pixels
Wavelength Range : 165nm - 900nm
Resolution : 0.007nm @ 200nm
Purge : Spectrometer and optical path

RF Generator

RF Frequency :