ICP | Optical Emission Spectrometer


Integrated Exhaust System; The configuration of exhaust system effectively decontaminates exterior pollution ultimately enhancing the accuracy of the measurements. The shielded optic design greatly reduces light interference and enhances the signal-noise ratio, increasing the sensitivity and precision of the measurement.
Optical Design; The AF400 utilises a unique optical configuration that increases fluorescence intensity and improves detection limit. This arrangement allows approximately twice the fluorescence intensity commonly found in traditional AFS systems.
Detection; The integration of high quantum solar photomultiplier tubes ensures stability.
Gas/Liquid Separator; The high efficiency gas/liquid separator of hydride and Hg cold vapour minimising pressure fluctuations and improving measurement precision.
Hollow Cathode Lamps; High intensity hollow cathode lamps provide increased intensity and stability. The AF400 multi-channel technology allows lamp configuration to be changed to accommodate application specific requirements allowing either simultaneous analysis increasing efficiency of measurements or ultra high sensitivity.
Quartz Atomiser; The quart atomiser is selected for durability and long life operation.
Sample Introduction; An integral high performance XYZ auto sampler with 2×45 vial trays provides automatic sample introduction and dilution with superior repeatability. The efficient operation maximises throughput and provides consistent results.
Reagent Compartment; An integral drawer contains up to three reagent bottles with low level indicators.


Sample Atomization
Atomizer Quartz tube furnace with automatic ignition of Ar-H2 diffusion flame reduces interference
Furnace Heating Computer controlled heating
Vapor/Hydride Generator Continuous flow, peristaltic pump, high performance mixing section, gas-liquid separator for cold-vapor mercury determinations and hydride generation determination of As,Se,Te,Bi,Sb,Sn,and other hydride forming elements.
Sample Preparation and Delivery
Peristaltic Pumps A 3 channel pump with 3 adjustable pressure control clamps and programmable speed control.
Exhaust System Exhaust system with filter efficiently decontaminates pollutants
Gas/liquid Separator High efficiency, two-stage gas-liquid separator design
Optics Design Short focal length, non-dispervise,intergrated optical design
3 Channels 3 channels for simultaneous three element analysis, using computer control, modulated, and pulsed light sources.
XYZ Autosampler
Sample Introduction High sample capacity, automated introduction of samples and reference standards
Sample Capacity Hosts a maximum of 2×45 standard cup/test tube sample racks.
Power Requirements 20V/50Hz,300W
Dimensions (L)1006mm×(H)580mm×(W)550mm
Detection Limits
Element Detection Limits(ug/L) RSD(%)
As,Se,Pb,Bi,Te,Sn,Sb <0.01 <1.0
Hg,Cd <0.001 <1.0
Zn <1.0 <1.0
Ge <0.05 <1.0
Baseling Stability <2%
Linear Range >103
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