Thermal Imaging Camera

The Thermal Imaging Camera Trotec IC Series - Germany highly developed sensor system constantly determines even the smallest temperature changes. A high-quality germanium lens guarantees perfect thermographic images, which are shown in real-time on the brilliant LCD display.The  Software included in the package is not just a simple data transfer or display tool -with each IC Camera you get the professional, full -value analysis and documentation program with numerous measurement functions.


Technical data
Model IC060                              IC080                       IC120        
Temperature range -20C to 1250C              -20C to 600C        -20C to 1500C
Accuracy +/- 2C  or 2% of the measured value
Detector resolution                   160 x 120 pixels
Spectral range 8 to 14 um
Field of view
20 x 15
Geometric resolution 2.2 mrad
Thermal sensitivity                     0.1C at 30C
Image display 2.5" LCD, pseudo colours, 6 colours palettes
Measuring point
up to four moveable measuring point
Emission factor adjustable  0.01 to 1.0
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