Timbangan Analitik ALT 310-4AM | Analytical Balance

High performance Analytical Balance with graphic display and internal calibration. Set for Density Determination of liquid and solid with solid density =1.  Density is indicated directly on the display.Automatic Internal Adjustment Call takes place if there is a change in temperature or time controlled with defined intervals.  Extensive memories including 200 memories for reference quantities, 200 memories of target weights ro recipe ingredient, etc.



Model                                               ALT 310-4AM                  ALT220-4M                         ALT 120-4AM
Capacity                                                 310g                              220 g                                        120 g
Readability                                                                                  0.0001g
Pan size                                                                                    dia 100mm

Optional RS-232 output

Backlight LCD  graphic display digit height 20mm.

GLP/ISO record keeping.

Extensive statistics functions.

Unit conversion weight.


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