Temperature & Humidity Chamber | Climatic Chamber

System Capacity : It could sign in 150 programs × 1500 partitions, partitions can be optionally divided and programs can link up to each other.

Loop configuration : 9999 × 999 looping time, can be divided into 5 independent sub-loops.

Output : Intelligent PID+SSR/SCR two-way synchronous output, built-in advanced slope control logic.

Data : Touch panel dialogue box display, easy operation, built-in management system of data content.

Curves drawing : When temperature, humidity and times are set up, the data can be immediately transferred into curves, actual operating curves can be attained during operations.

Time signal : 3 time series control output interfaces work with 10 time control modes to execute start/halt time series planning of external components.

End temperature : At the completion of testing, you can choose to return to the normal atmospheric temperature for removing the test objects.

Safety Check : The full- functional detection system consists of 15 check items to ensure the safety of the machine. Auto-display of items, error times, and trouble-shooting instructions.

Error Tracing : Historical fault reports can be displayed, such as the reasons and occurring time record.

External Protection : Electronic over-temperature protection device is separated from the master control panel for setting the upper temperature limit of the tested object.

Communications Interface : Standard RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces can link to multi-PC for network administration and control.

SD Device : Optional SD Device can be used to replace the conventional expensive paper-feeder recorder. With the self-diagnosis function, internal recording can be optionally selected.

Optional Accessories :
SD Device.
Low Humi. Dehumidifier.
Inner Door With Operating Ports.
Temp. / Humi. Recorder
Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier
RS-485 interface can link to multi-PC for netword administrator and control.(MAX:30 set)
Software for record data.
LN2/LCO2 fast-cooling System.


Internal Dim. W x H x D (cm) 50x60x50 50x75x60 60x85x80 100x100x80
External Dim. W x H x D (cm) 95x150x105 95x165x115 105x175x135 145x190x135
* Temp. & Humi. Range

0°C ; -20°C ; -40°C ; -60°C ; -70°C~100°C(+150°C)

10%  ~  98% RH

Features Temp. & Humi. Constancy +(-)0.2°C  ;  +(-)2.5%RH
Indication Resolution 0.01°C   ;    0.01%RH
Material Exterior Stainless Steel Plate + Powder coated
Interior SUS#304 Stainless Steel Plate
Insulation PU & Fiberglass Wool
Micro Controller CLCD 9700
Power Source [K.W.] AC 1psi 220V; 3psi 220/380V  60/50Hz
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