Rain/Spray Test Chamber

Design considered auto maker’s and electronic industry test tests.

Adopt large viewing glass(Size: W60cm×H70cm) can let operator see the specimen clearly.

Digital setting, operating easy, maintenance quickly.

Model GSRT-1728-E for IEC-526 and CNS14165.


Model GSRT-1728-A GSRT-1728-E
Internal Dimension
120×120×120 120×120×120
External Dimension
175×185×130 175×185×130
Water Temp.


Spray Type Total
(l /min)
R1 1.8 IPX1 With in 1~1.5°C/min
(In drip box)
R2 3.2 IPX2 With in 3~3.5°C/min
(In drip box)
S1 24.5 IPX3 Angle±600, R:400mm,
1.1 (l /min)
S2 39.2 IPX4 Angle±1800, R:400mm,
1.8 (l /min)
Pressure of spray nozzle (kgf/cm2) R1 0.1
  1. Flow rate of the water = 0.07 (l/min).
  2. IPX3, Raidus:400mm, Number of open holes=16,
    total water flow:1.1(l/min).
  3. IPX4, Radius:400mm, Number of open holes=25, total water flos:1.8(l/min).
Radius:200mm, R400mm.
(For IPX3, IPX4 only)
R2 0.3
S1 1.0
S2 3.0
Test Specimen Frame
Spray Nozzle
Rotation Speed
23RPM Swing 60°C from vertical for 4 seconds at one time
Swing 180°C from vertical for 12 seconds at one time
Material Internal SUS#304
External Stainless Steel Plate + Powder coated
Accessories Chamber lamp, Wiper, Casters with Adjusters Chamber lamp, Wiper, Casters with Adjusters
Power Source 1Phase AC220V 50/60HZ, 4K.W. 1Phase AC220V 50/60HZ, 4K.W.
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