The Ican Advantage

Cardinal's iCan system provides a digitally-controlled, high-performance weighing and diagnostic environment for your scale where every step from installation to operation to maintenance is not only simplified, but closely monitored by the latest ISP flash micro-controller-based circuitry and reported using advanced internationally standardized CAN serial bus. What this means is the cost of ownership for your scale just got smaller since system faults are automatically detected and reported, resulting in less downtime and fewer service calls.


IP66/NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosure provides rugged, corrosion-proof protection.
Real-time load cell diagnostics identifies load cell problems before they cause inaccurate weighing, so scale downtime is minimized.
Troubleshoot directly from the indicator with Cardinal's model 225 Navigator indicator, giving real-time operator notification of potential problems, including zero drift, instability, and load cell failure.
On-board diagnostic displays (7-segment display with 14 LEDs) in the iCan provide load cell and diagnostic data right in the junction box, displaying current values where your scale technician is working.
Cardinal's patented SmartCal® allows quick calibration with no manual adjustments , so there is less handling of test weights which saves time and money. Trim and calibrate scales in one pass.
The CAN bus multi-drop interface overcomes the limitations of daisy-chaining where if you lose one connection, you lose them all. The iCan system can handle up to 32 load cells divided among up to 8 scales.
CAN bus connectivity - Separate fiber optic or copper wire transceivers.
Individual cell interface cards.
Ethernet interface from Cardinal's 225 indicator allows networking capabilities.
Transient noise isolation by fiber optic connection between the indicator and junction box.
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