Portable Anemometer C-400 , Resolution 0.01 m/s

High Precision Digital Anemometer Lufft C 400 - Germany for air flow measurement  in ventilation ducts and clean rooms.  Excellent readability 0.01 m/s , illumintated display, Hold, Max, Min, Average value, automatic switch-off function, single point calibration (temperature), thumb-wheel operation, real time clock, °C/°F switchable.

Technical Data Dimensions 14 x 85 x 37mm
Fucntion HOLD/MAX/MIN/AVG/DATE/TIME/AutoOFF, CAL, C, F/Display lighting/fpm/Pabs
Weight 260 g
Flow Principle Combined Flow /Temp Sensor
Measuring range 0 to 2m/s  ; 0 to 20m/s
Accuracy ± (0.04m/S + 1%)
Resolution 0.01m/s ;
Temperature Principle Combined Flow/Temperature Sensor
Measuring range -20 ... 70 °C
Accuracy ± 0.7 °C  within the range of 0 -- 50C and V>0.5m/s
Resolution 0.1 °C

Balance Prod.

Scale Prod.

Measuring Inst.

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