AAS |Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer | Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

The AA 500FG Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer is available in the following configuration :

  • Flame Only
  • Graphite Furnace
  • Combined Flame and Graphite Furnace with the option for up to nine heating ramps.


The system is fully controlled from a PC with AAWin Software.

Specifications :

Wavelength range                          190nm - 900nm

Monochromator                               Czerny-Turner Configuration

Spectral Bandwidth                         0.1nm, 0.2nm, 0.4nm, 1.0nm, 2.0nm, (software selectable).

Wavelength Accuracy                      ± 0.15nm

Wavelength Reproducibility           < 0.05nm

Resolution                                         0.2nm ± 0.02nm

Baseline Stability                              0.005A/30min

Sensitivity (Cu)                                  2 µg/ml Absorption > 0.28A (flame)

Detection Limit                                 Cu < 0.004 ?g/ml (flame) Cd < 0.4 x 10-12g (graphite furnace)

Repeatability                                     Cu < 0.7% (Air/Acetylene flame), Ba < 1.0% ( Nitrous oxide/Acetylene flame), Cu < 2.0% Cd < 2.0% (Graphite Furnace)

Background Correction                   Deuterium Arc, Self reversal

Characteristic Concentration         Cu < 0.02 ?g/ml, Ba < 0.15 mg/ml (N2O/Acetylene)

Burner Heads                                   Titanium Alloy

Nebuliser                                           High-efficiency glass, Acid proof available as an option

Atomization Chamber                      Corrosion-resistant material

Position Adjustment                         Automatic changeover (AA500GF) Manual (AA500F)
Automatic Setting of Optimum Height for Flame Burner.

Safety Functions                               Burner Identification, Flame Sensor, Gas leak Senso





Balance Prod.

Scale Prod.

Measuring Inst.

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