MIlwaukee MW500 ORP Meter | MW401 PRO TDS Meter | Conductivity Meter MW301 PRO

ORP Meter  MW-500 PRO

MW-500 PRO are compact ORP and Temperature Portable Meters with Faster Micro Processor. These handy and ergonomically designed portable meters are ideal for anyone working on a fast and reliable measurements.

Portable TDS Meter MW401 PRO, range 0~1999mg/L

Portable TDS Meter MW402 PRO, range 0.0~10.0 g/L

Portable Conductivity Meter MW301 PRO , range 0~1990 uS/cm

Portable Conductivity Meter MW302 PRO, range 0.0~10.0 mS/cm

All meters are supplied with pH or ORP electrodes and calibration solutions. MW-500 PRO performs ORP measurements with a range of ± 1000 mV.






ORP Electrode


Battery Type

Battery Life







± 1000 mV

1 mV

± 5 mV

MA921B/1 (included)

0 to 50 °C; max RH 95 %

1 x 9 V alkaline (included)

approx. 300 hours of use

145 x 80 x 40 mm

220 g (with bqttery)


Balance Prod.

Scale Prod.

Measuring Inst.

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