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The ZX4 is an advanced vortex mixer with adjustable stirring speed and two operating modes, sensor or continuous. Thanks to the revolutionary IR sensor mode, an infrared system (IR) detects the presence of the test tube and the vortex mixer automatically
starts vibrating! No press, No stress! Thanks to a broad range of accessories, ZX4 is ideal for many applications including mixing of many kind of tubes/containers. Incredibly versatile, long-lasting and unique, ZX4 offers the highest performance for an excellent mixing.

Electronic speed regulation: up to 3000 rpm
Operating modes: IR sensor, continuous


Model RX3             ZX3          ZX4            TX4          Classic         Wizard
Stirring speed
3000rpm                                0 to 3000rpm
Orbital diameter
Operation mode
Touch         Touch     Infrared       Infrared       Touch        Infrared
-                      -              -                 digital               -                 -



Balance Prod.

Scale Prod.

Measuring Inst.

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