Precision Checkweigher Hi - Low - Go GEW Series

The Checkweigher  GEW Series has  triple display  for under limit , upper limit and total weight.  LCD display with backlight .  Audio alarm indicates under weighing (low), over weighing (high), over and under weighing (Low and high) or pass.


Compact, lightweight solid
Show an accuracy of 1 / 6000
With a weight or volume overload warning function
Power Supply: You can use the built-in battery or external Adaptor
Standard equipment: tin pan, backlit, dust cover, a level, Adaptor and the adjustable feet, etc.
Other features: a power-zero tracking, auto calibration, full tare weighing, anti-cockroach design, cumulative memory and automatic shutdown of the power-saving features
        Model                          Capacity                           Readability                          Pan size 
     GEW-1.1B                        1100 g                                  0.1 g                           282 x 300 mm
     GEW-2.2B                        2200 g                                  0.2 g                           282 x 300 mm
     GEW-5.5B                        5500 g                                  0.5 g                           282 x 300 mm
     GEW-11K                           11 kg                                      1 g                           282 x 300 mm
     GEW-22K                           22 kg                                      2 g                           282 x 300 mm

Balance Prod.

Scale Prod.

Measuring Inst.

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