Mass Comparator Balances WAY 1200/5100.4Y.KO

The newest line of Radwag Mass Comparators allows for calibration of mass standrds and weights in the full electric compensation range without the need for supplementary weights.

WAY 1200.4Y.KO allows for calibration of weights E2 class (500g,1000g) and lower in the full range from 0 to 1200g. WAY 5100.4Y.KO allows for calibration of weights E2 class (5 kg) and lower in the full range from 0 to 5100g

Mass comparator WAY series features large weighing chamber with anti-draft shield.All the elements of the weighing chamber are made of glass and aluminium which minimizes the influence of electrostatics on weighing process. User-friendly, intuitive menu provides unprecedented comfort of operation.


Model                                                                      WAY 1200.4Y.KO                                   WAY 5100.4Y.KO

Capacity                                                                           1200 g                                                     5100 g

Readability                                                                       0.1 mg                                                     1 mg

Repeatability                                                                <= 0,1 mg                                                <= 0,8 mg

Electric compensation range                                    0 ÷ 1200 g                                              0 ÷ 5100 g

Supplementary weights                                                                                     none

Stabilization time                                                                                                  10 s

Adjustment                                                                                                         external

Power supply                                                                                        13,5 ÷ 16 V DC / 2,1 A

Pan size                                                                          Ø 80                                                         Ø 100

Weighing unit dimensions                                                                   370 × 280 × 197 mm

Control unit dimensions                                                                        206 × 140 × 70 mm

Operating temperature                                                                                 +10° ÷ +40°C

Change rate of operating temperature                                                        ± 2°C / 12h

Air relative humidity                                                                                         30% ÷ 70%

Change rate of relative air humidity                                                                ±5% / 4h

Sensitivity drift                                                                       2ppm/°C in temperature +15° ÷ +35°C


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