Laboratory Temperature & Humidity Conditioner

Used to precision measurement laboratory, electricity testing laboratory, computer room and other place that needs to control temperature and humidity accurately.

Using a multi-fan, centrifugal level vertical heat exchange circulation system.

All heating, cooling, humidifying and dehumidifying elements are controlled by a microprocessor which executes all temperature and humidity commands.

Using special sensor that exempt adding water and change wet-bulb.

Optional Accessories: Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier or Temp./Humi. Recorder


Model GLTH-030W(A) GLTH-050W(A) GLTH-080W GLTH-100W GLTH-150W GLTH-200W GLTH-300W
Kcal/h 9000 14000 22400 30000 45000 60000 90000
Temp. Range 20°C ~ 25°C
Relative Humi. Range

45% ~ 60%RH

Temp. & Humi. Constancy +(-)0.3°C ; +(-)3%RH
Indication Resolution 0.1°C ; 0.1%RH
Controller Digital Electronic Indictors + S.S.R. With PID Automatic Calculation Capability
Power Source AC 1psi/3psi 220V/380V +5%, 60/50Hz

Balance Prod.

Scale Prod.

Measuring Inst.

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