Portable Bio-Suction System

Absolutely safe - double overflow protection to avoid medium flowing into vacuum pump.

Convenient - aspiration adaptor set and foot switch make medium suction fast and convenient.

Low noise, No maintenance - adopt oil-free vacuum pump, no maintenance required, low noise.


BioVac 225 BioVac 240
Pump Type: Twin Diaphragm Pump type: Piston
Motor Power: 25W Motor Power: 200W
Max. Vacuum: 680 mmHg Max. Vacuum: 700mmHg
Max Flow: 25 l/min Max. Flow: 40 l/m
Pole: 4 Pole: 4
Safety: Thermal protector, auto-reset Safety: Thermal protector, auto-reset
Net/Gross weight: 4.3/5.5kg Foot switch control: ON for suction, OFF for release
Dimension: 37(L)x15(W)x25(H) 8. Net/Gross Weight: 12/16.2 kg
Machine size: 43(L)x22(W)x32(H) Dimension: 54(L)x26(W)x35(H)
Machine size: 62(L)x32(W)x44(H)

Balance Prod.

Scale Prod.

Measuring Inst.

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