Infrared Thermometer IRTec up to 3000°C

Each body, at temperatures above the absolute zero (-273°C or 0K), emits energy as electromagnetic radiation. When temperature rises, the intensity of this infrared energy increases. The temperature of the body surface can therefore be determined by measuring the intensity of this energy in a small spectral band: the infrared region. The instruments used to measure this energy and to calculate the related temperature are called infrared thermometers or non-contact thermometers.

Temperature measurements of a liquid or gaseous compound have been successfully made with thermoelectric or expansion thermometers, thanks to the good thermal exchange of the sensor with the fluid.

With solid bodies, a good thermal exchange is difficult to be obtained and an additional measuring error should be considered. When the target is moving or is electrically hazardous, a contact temperature measurement can’t be made. Non-contact IR temperature measurement could be the only solution to the above application problems.

Typical application of IRtec portable thermometers is to control temperature where an increase of its value means a possible machine wearing, aging, faulting, etc.


Temperature Range up to 3000°C
Rugged with Protective Rubber Holster
Optical Resolution up to 200:1
1 µm, 1.6 µm, and 8-14 µm Spectral Response
TTS Dual Laser, Telescope or Red Point Target Pinpointing
IRtec P800+ Dual Optics Close / Standard Focus Switchable
Large LCD Display with Automatic Backlight
Up to 50 Preset Common Material Emissivity Values
TC’s type K’s Input for Automatic Emissivity Setting
Powered by Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
USB Interface and IRLogMan 2007 Software
Data Memory Grouped by Tag (500 Records)
External IR printer
Traceable Report of Calibration

Balance Prod.

Scale Prod.

Measuring Inst.

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