Combustion Gas Analyzer E 5500 | Ammonia Gas Detector


The E 5500 is the most powerful and advanced portable gas analyzer on the market and is a complete, portable tool for EPA compliance - level emissions monitoring  that is a valuable tool designed for emissions monitoring and maintenance & tuning of combustion processes including boilers, burners, gas & diesel engines, turbines, furnaces, kilns, heaters, and laboratory analysis.


O2 , CO, No, NO2 , SO2 (Electrochemical)
Gas Sensors are Pre-Calibrated & Field Replaceable
Efficiency, Excess Air, & CO 2 Calculations
Built-In Impact Printer (non-thermal)
Stack Gas & Air Temperature Measurements
Draft & Differential Pressure Measurements
External Water Trap for Condensate Removal
Unbreakable Metal Hose Connectors
Internal Memory (up to 600 tests)
PC Software Package

Balance Prod.

Scale Prod.

Measuring Inst.

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