Timbangan Digital UWE HGM2000/HGM4000/HGM10K/HGM20K

High resolution top loading counting scale HGM series.   Four models of HGM : HGM-2000, HGM-4000, HGM-10K, & HGM-20K.   Capacity 2000 g up to 20.000g and readability from 0.1 g to 1 g.

Auto Zero Tracking, Full Tare, and Auto Calibration Functions
KG and LB Selectable Weighing Units
Standard Sample Counting Function
LCD Display with 5 digits of 22mm
Waterproof Sophisticated Tactile Keyboard
Cockroach Resistant Design
Long Battery Operating Time: 120 Hours Plus
Low Battery Warning Signal and Dual Color Charge Status Indicator
Model                      Capacity                   Readability                   Pan Size
HGM-2000               2000 g                           0.1 g                     210 x 250 mm
HGM-4000               4000 g                           0.2 g                     210 x 250 mm
HGM-10K                  10 kg                             0.5 g                     210 x 250 mm
HGM-20K                  20 kg                              1 g                       210 x 250 mm


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